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  • Maiden Flight for Virgin Galactic’s new vessel

    As we announced on the 7th of September, Virgin Galactic’s new space vessel (VSS unity) has just entered into service. Securely attached to the shuttle, the vessel carried out its maiden flight from the Mojave Desert in California. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • Virgin Galactic to Resume Flight Tests

    Six months after roll out, Virgin Galactic’s new space shuttle is due to resume flight-testing. The FAA has just given it the green light. This test campaign will no doubt last a long time as confirmed by the French agent for Virgin Galactic.

  • Richard Branson unveils second space shuttle

    On Friday, 19 February, at Mojave in California, Virgin Galactic unveiled their new spaceship, and with it, the dream of commercial space flight has been revived. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Virgin Galactic: second SpaceShipTwo to be rolled out on 19 February

    After the inflight disintegration of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo in October 2014, a second vessel, in its final stages of production, will be presented on 19 February in Mojave, California. Space tourism begins afresh.

  • Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crash: copilot error confirmed

    Nine months after the incident, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirms that it was human error that led to the crash of SpaceShipTwo. One of the ship’s two occupants was killed in the accident.

  • Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: pilot error ?

    Four days after the crash of Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo vessel in the California desert, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is hard at work to determine the causes of the accident. Investigators have found that the copilot carried out an abnormal action in the cockpit two seconds before the disintegration of the aircraft.

  • Virgin Galactic gets FAA green light

    The first commercial space flight in history has never been so close. On May 28th., the F.A.A. ( U.S. Federal Aviation Administration ), gave its authorisation to Virgin Galactic to carry passengers into the thermosphere at more than 100 km ( 60 miles ) altitude.

  • Commercial flights into space for the year end

    Each day Virgin Galactic gets a little closer to the first commercial flight in space history. On January 10th., the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) prototype, carried out its 3rd., supersonic test flight at its Californian base in the United States. Carried aloft by a shuttle, the ship...


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