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  • Airbus delivers its 10,000th aircraft

    Airbus delivered its 10,000th aircraft to Singapore Airlines on 14th October. Delivery of the first Airbus plane, an A300, goes back to 1974. Since then production has sped up considerably.

  • Fire breaks out on B777 Engine at Singapore Airport

    After an emergency landing at Singapore Airport, the right engine of a Singapore Airlines B777 burst in to flames. The incident was filmed from outside as well as from within the aircraft. There are no casualties. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Young American builds an incredible A380 - in paper

    After making a Boeing 777 made entirely out of paper, a young 24-year old Californian has done the same thing, but this time, with an A380 for Singapore Airlines, including the fuselage, engines and seats - everything down to the last detail. Watch the video and read the article.

  • Airbus A330 Singapore Airlines drops on its nose

    This is an awesome photo of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 on its nose at Shangi International Airport. This incident, which caused no injuries, happened early sunday morning just before the plane was due to return to Hong Kong.

  • Emirates launches its own longest A380 flight !

    Emirates has just launched a new A380 route lasting over 16 hours between Dubai and Los Angeles on December 2. It is today the longest regular commercial flight in the world.

  • Heavy weather ahead !

    Heavy weather ahead !


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