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  • Safran to recruit over 4,000 staff in 2017

    Safran Group announced a turnover of nearly 16 billion Euros in 2016 and recruited 7,000 staff. The equipment manufacturer intends to recruit 4,200 more staff this year.

  • Safran launches €10bn bid for Zodiac Aerospace

    French giant Safran group has begun exclusive negotiations for a friendly takeover of Zodiac Aerospace. The move was announced at a press conference on Thursday in Paris to explain the €9.7 bn merger that will create the world’s second largest supplier of aircraft equipment. Read our news article.

  • Why is Safran selling its I&S subsidiary, ex-Morpho?

    Safran is selling its Identity and Security, ex-Morpho, to the American fund Advent International, who own Oberthur Technologies. The transaction will be finalised in 2017. But why would they do this considering that the security sector is in full bloom? Read the article.

  • Clean Sky takes off at Farnborough

    At the Farnborough Airshow this week, the European research programme, Clean Sky, presented the status of several of its key projects. Amongst them are the Open Rotor, the laminar wings and the hybrid propulsion engine.

  • Safran’s subsidiaries acquire new names

    In order to become more legible and visible in their various markets the ten companies in the Safran Group officially changed their names on 19 May. Snecma, for example becomes Safran Aircraft Engines.

  • Jet engines: why evermore larger fans?

    On commercial aircraft in the last decade, the trend has been toward wider jet engines with diameters increased by 6 to 20 inches (15 to 50 cm). Why? To consume and pollute less.

  • Safran to continue recruiting in 2016

    In 2015, the Safran Group recruited 7,700 people. The aerospace and aircraft equipment manufacturer and supplier now has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and also posted excellent financial results.

  • Patroller drone chosen by the French Army

    After two years’ competition, it is ultimately the Sagem tactical UAV Patroller, which will enter service with the French Army from 2018. Thales was vying with their Watchkeeper, and thus loses out on a contract of 300 million euros.

  • An airplane’s brakes attain a maximum temperature of how much ?

    Braking is one of the vital functions of an aircraft. In an emergency it should be possible to stop an aircraft of several hundred tons in the shortest minimum time and distance. Watch the video and read the article.

  • Ongoing trials for tomorrow’s more electric aircraft

    With their test platform, Labinal Power Systems’ "Copper Bird", enables aircraft and helicopter manufacturers to test new electrical systems. These concepts will perhaps one day be installed on their future aircraft.

  • Safran invests in innovative startups

    Safran Corporate Ventures, Safran’s fledgling subsidiary, has a three year budget of € 50 million to support ten startups, of which, the first has just been selected.

  • The LEAP will pulsate at Snecma

    By 2020, Snecma will be producing 1,500 units of their new LEAP engine per year. To do this, the engine ma nufacturer will integrate high-tech assembly lines at their Villaroche (near Paris) premises.

  • Safran’s Toulouse site in finishing phase

    Since the start of construction a year ago, the Safran’s future Toulouse site (south west France) is well advanced. In less than six months, 1,400 employees will move into their new 269,000 square feet (25,000 m2) offices.

  • What is a combat aircraft’s engine temperature ?

    High temperatures have always been one of the major challenges in the manufacture of jet engines. But what is the temperature inside an engine such as the M88 ?

  • On take-off, at what speed does an aircraft engine fan turn?

    An aircraft engine fan rotates at such a speed that it can suck in anything that approaches it. To find out how fast a fan turns on take-off, we asked the engine manufacturer Snecma (Safran Group).


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