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  • CFM International launches transition process from CFM56 to LEAP

    The world’s best-selling aircraft engine, the CFM56, is to be slowly phased out by the new LEAP engine. In order to ensure a smooth transition, CFM International is adapting its production - a process the Franco-American engine manufacturer has just started.

  • Clean Sky takes off at Farnborough

    At the Farnborough Airshow this week, the European research programme, Clean Sky, presented the status of several of its key projects. Amongst them are the Open Rotor, the laminar wings and the hybrid propulsion engine.

  • JPB Système : the specialist in Self-Locking Solutions

    JPB Système designs self-locking solutions for the major engine and airframe manufacturers. The SME has been developing and selling its technology since the company was created in 1995. We review the beginnings of this success story.

  • Towards more electric aircraft

    On the occasion of the 3rd European Conference on More Electric Aircraft being held in Toulouse (south west France), representatives of the sector presented their latest advances and challenges in the field.

  • Delta Air Lines orders 50 Airbus’

    The US company Delta Air Lines has just finished shopping at Airbus, having bought 23 A330neo’s and 25 A350’s, all equipped with Rolls-Royce engines; the Trent 7000 for the A330neo’s and the Trent XWB for the A350’s.

  • How is a jet engine installed?

    Commercial aircraft engines are very, very heavy. Those found on short-haul planes,for example, weigh on average two metric tonnes, those on long-hauls are four times heavier; but how are they installed?


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