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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Robot »

  • Leo: Geneva airport’s little robot porter

    After RobbI, the humanoid guide in 2013, Geneva Airport has tested Leo, a new robot porter. With him, you can check-in your luggage, and then go directly to your boarding gate – all in record time.

  • After Boeing, robots arrive at Airbus...

    Will we one day fly in a fully robot constructed plane? One question that arises when we see these images of the assembly site at Puerto Real Cadiz in Spain. Airbus is currently testing this first so-called collaborative robot to perform specific tasks...

  • When new technology arrives at the factory...

    ?To improve product design, manufacturing procedures, and controls, new technological tools are emerging, such as here on the premises of the engine manufacturer Snecma (Safran Group), in the Paris suburbs. Touchpads, robots, electronic wrenches, we took a quick look at the innovations in this part of the aviation industry...

  • Robot guide to Geneva airport...

    Even though there is a slight resemblance, it’s not R2-D2 from "Star Wars”; but the trendy new guide at Geneva airport. A robot, that upon your arrival, takes you around according to your desires


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