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  • Réplic'Air revives the Dewoitine 551

    After the centenary re-enactment of Roland Garros’ Mediterranean crossing with their Morane Type G replica, the Réplic'Air Association has embarked on a new challenge: to build a 1939 fighter plane the Dewoitine 551.

  • In the wake of Roland Garros, they've succeeded

    100 years after the crossing of the Mediterranean by Roland Garros, the association Réplic'Air has repeated the feat. On September 22, the Morane G connected Frejus in France with Bizerte, Tunisia, in under 8 hours. A historic flight.

  • Morane G in the air !

    Less than three weeks to go for its appointment with history, and flight tests are intensifying for the Morane G. A hundred years after that of Roland Garros, the challenge of crossing the Mediterranean, with an exact replica of the aircraft, is about to be taken by the association Réplic'Air !

  • Take-off in view for Réplic'Air !

    After a year of hard work, the Morane Saulnier Type G built by the Réplic'Air association is nearing completion. The plane should make its maiden flight in a just few days with the objective of being ready for the September 22 re-enactment of the first crossing of the Mediterranean...

  • Last turn of the screw on the Morane-Saulnier G.

    The Réplic'Air association challenged itself 9 months ago to make a Morane-Saulnier Type G. Objective: To cross the Mediterranean this September, 100 years to the day after the historic flight of Roland Garros. And they are well on the way !

  • In the wake of Roland Garros...

    In the wake of Roland Garros...


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