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  • Fifth delay for Mitsubishi Regional Jet

    Japanese aircraft manufacturer Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has pushed back delivery of its first MRJ from 2018 to 2020. A review of some of the twin-jet’s electrical systems is required before it can meet latest certification standards.

  • BAe 146: probe blames crash on human error

    A series of human errors caused the BAe146 crash by LaMia airlines on 28th November, which left 71 victims dead, according to a preliminary report from Colombia’s civil aviation authorities.

  • Colombia crash – answers still up in the air

    In the aftermath of the LaMia airlines BAe 146 crash in Colombia, investigators favour the theory that the plane ran out of fuel. Analysis of the aircraft’s black boxes will shed more light on the tragic accident that left 71 dead, including members of a Brazilian first division football team on their way to the final of the South American cup.

  • What is a run-up in aviation ?

    When a plane rolls off the assembly line, and before delivery to the customer, aircraft manufacturers carry out an obligatory Run-up. We asked you the question (video), the answer to which is in the article.

  • Embraer’s E190 and E190-E2: what differentiates them?

    On 25 February, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, Embraer introduced their E190-E2 regional jet, whose entry into service is scheduled for 2018; but what are the main differences between this version and the current E190? A very brief overview follows.

  • Comac ARJ21’s first delivery

    The Chinese aircraft manufacturers, COMAC, delivered their first ARJ21 regional jet on 29 November. Seven years after its maiden flight, Chengdu Airlines, the launch company, intends to put their new acquisition into service in early 2016.

  • Mitsubishi MRJ takes to the air

    On 11 November, the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation conducted the first test flight of their MRJ, with the intention of making their first jet airliner a serious competitor on the market by 2017.

  • ATR: Repowering, and Japanese market in their sights

    The European regional aircraft manufacturer ATR, is currently considering a repowering of their two turboprop aircraft, and would also like to increase their penetration into the Japanese market.

  • ATR tooled up with a "skateboard" for aircraft

    ATR, the regional aircraft manufacturer, has used a sort of oversized skateboard over the last year to move their fuselage sections from work station to work station on their assembly line.

  • Transasia Airways crash: engine failure is privileged

    Five days after the spectacular crash of Transasia Airways flight GE235 in Taipei, the inquest advances. According to investigators, the ATR 72-600 that had just begun its flight between the capital of Taiwan and Kinmen, experienced engine failure.

  • 2014 : a record year for ATR

    On January 21st at their annual press conference held in Paris, ATR, the European regional aircraft manufacturers, announced that 2014 had been recorded as the best year in their history with a turnover of 1.8 billion dollars.


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