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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Red Bull »

  • Fighter jet’s winning Formula 1

    Watch this video to relive the thrilling race between a Formula 1 racing driver and a RAAF fighter jet pilot ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in 2014.

  • On a wingsuit and a prayer

    Latest video footage from Red Bull, as daredevil athlete Miles Daisher escapes a life and death situation 'on a wing and a prayer' after leaping from a Cessna. See the video. Read the article.

  • Paper ‘plane championship arrives at ENAC

    The very serious French national school of civil aviation (ENAC) in Toulouse, south western France, was recently transformed into a paper ‘plane airport. This qualifying stage of the Red Bull Paper Wings, in fact began in early February in the ENAC gymnasium. The competitors had to fly their ‘planes over the longest distance, the longest time, or produce the most acrobatic manœuvres possible.

  • The incredible motorbike backflip jump over a low-flying ‘plane

    In September 2013, on an isolated airstrip, in northwest South Africa, two intrepid stunt men, one from the world of motocross, the other an aerobatic pilot, combined their talents to achieve a breathtaking stunt - a backflip, on a motorcycle, over a low flying plane ! Spectacular.


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