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  • Hannes Arch killed in Helicopter Crash

    Hannes Arch, the aerobatics pilot was killed last Thursday 8th September in a helicopter crash in Austria. He was at the helm of a Robinson R66, which hit a rocky cliff shortly after take off.

  • An aerial slalom through a wind farm

    Aerobatic pilot, Hannes Arch, has just produced an unbelievable feat in Austria: slaloming through a wind farm of 97 feet (60 m) tall turbines. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Nigel Lamb becomes the 2014 Red Bull Air Race champion

    The eighth and final race of this year’s Red Bull Air Race, which was held on 26th October, saw the 12 participating pilots fighting it out above the Spielberg grand prix racetrack in the Austrian Alps. The 35,000 spectators witnessed Lamb, Arch and Bonhomme, the first three in the overall standings, fiercely battling it out in the air.

  • Red Bull Air Race : Hannes Arch over Poland

    The least one can say is that on 27th., July, there was a big crowd at Gdynia in Poland for the fourth round of the Red Bull Air Race. Not less than 130,000 spectators went to see the battle over the Baltic Sea between the top twelve aerobatic pilots in the world.


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