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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Oshkosh AirVenture »

  • The Oshkosh 2016 programme: loaded with goodies

    More than 500,000 aviation fans will gather at Oshkosh for AirVenture, the biggest aeronautical event in the US which is taking place this week. This year, the very impressive Martin Mars, the biggest seaplane in the world, is on display. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • 10,000 aircraft arrive for Airventure 2014

    Aviation enthusiasts of all kinds are present at Airventure from July 28th., to August 3rd., at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the United States, making it none other than the largest US aerospace gathering annually attracting 10,000 aircraft.


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