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  • ONERA: futuristic projects in sight

    This year, ONERA is celebrating its 70th birthday but far from slipping into retirement, this scientific research centre is buzzing with projects, some of which are aeronautical, like NOVA and AMPERE that we present here. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • World’s most powerful wind tunnel saved from collapse

    The most powerful aeronautical wind tunnel in the world will benefit from a special grant from the French Defense Ministry to prevent its collapse. Ground stabilisation work will be spread over 2016-2017. Details follow.

  • World’s most powerful aircraft wind tunnel

    Welcome to the home of the most powerful aircraft wind tunnel in the world. Situated in the French Alps, close to the French-Italian border at Modane, the French National aerospace research centre (Onera) has an exceptional test centre. Inside a steel tunnel two giant fans produce transonic winds of speeds up to Mach 1, enabling aircraft manufacturers to conduct aerodynamic testing on their development aircraft.


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