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  • NASA completes Flight Tests of Air Traffic Tool

    A NASA-led team successfully completed flight tests of a new air traffic tool aimed at maximizing efficiency, and making flights more punctual for passengers. Watch our video and read the article to find out more.

  • Nothing bugs these NASA’s scientists

    The US space agency is developing a coating for better aircraft air penetration, with the aim of reducing airline fuel bills. The bug hunt is open.

  • Supersonic jet race continues

    NASA has just awarded twenty million dollars to Lockheed Martin for the development of a greener, and quieter, supersonic airliner than Concorde, to be added to the many other projects already underway.

  • NASA’s flying telescope

    Since 2010, a telescope has been observing the atmosphere of planets and the formation of stars from 13,000 metres altitude. Thanks to SOFIA, a modified Boeing 747, scientists hope one day to be able to pierce the greater mysteries of the universe…

  • Last Shuttle to Los Angeles

    Last Shuttle to Los Angeles

  • Super Guppy story

    Super Guppy story


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