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  • Fifth delay for Mitsubishi Regional Jet

    Japanese aircraft manufacturer Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has pushed back delivery of its first MRJ from 2018 to 2020. A review of some of the twin-jet’s electrical systems is required before it can meet latest certification standards.

  • Mitsubishi MRJ takes to the air

    On 11 November, the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation conducted the first test flight of their MRJ, with the intention of making their first jet airliner a serious competitor on the market by 2017.

  • Paris Air Show’s third day rich in announcements

    Even though the pace of orders has slowed, the third day of the Paris Air Show has been the theatre of all kinds of other announcements from aircraft manufacturers.

  • First public appearance of the Mitsubishi MRJ

    On October 18th to the sound of traditional drums, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation introduced its first MRJ, a prototype whose maiden flight is scheduled for next spring. The ceremony was held in Komaki in central Japan.


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