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  • Passenger Terminal Expo : Airports of the future

    Annually, over the last seventeen years, the Passenger Terminal Expo has brought over 180 airport sector professionals together in a different city. This year it was in Paris, so we went to see some of the innovations destined for airports of the future, and here are three that caught our attention.

  • Boeing is working on a VTOL aircraft for the Pentagon

    It is just a prototype for now, but by 2018, the "Phantom Swift" developed by Boeing could conceivably used by the American army. Darpa, has launched the beginning of a call for tenders for the creation of a VTOL aircraft, and Boeing is, for the moment, the best placed.

  • Windowless business jets soon ?

    How would you like to travel by ‘plane whilst travelling elsewhere? This is the idea launched by Technicon Design. Their project called Ixion, is a windowless business jet of which the cabin walls are covered with screens. Here’s how…

  • easyJet soon to inspect its 'planes with drones

    Even if they are not very pleasing to the eye, their utility has been proven. The aviation world has long been interested in the wide variety of U.A.V. applications, and soon, easyJet will go one step further in their exploitation. During their "Innovation day" held last May, at their Luton headquarters, about thirty miles north of London, the low-cost airline announced.

  • The Expliseat seat soon on Air Méditerranée

    When we discovered it a year ago, this seat, developed by the French company Expliseat, was still at the prototype stage. It was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency in June 2013 and even found a buyer. On Tuesday 4 June, the name of the first customer was unveiled.

  • After Boeing, robots arrive at Airbus...

    Will we one day fly in a fully robot constructed plane? One question that arises when we see these images of the assembly site at Puerto Real Cadiz in Spain. Airbus is currently testing this first so-called collaborative robot to perform specific tasks...

  • Robot guide to Geneva airport...

    Even though there is a slight resemblance, it’s not R2-D2 from "Star Wars”; but the trendy new guide at Geneva airport. A robot, that upon your arrival, takes you around according to your desires

  • Concorde "2"

    Concorde "2"


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