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  • Oktal develops an airside-driving simulator

    Oktal, a subsidiary of Sogeclair, have developed an airside driving simulator. This allows students learning to drive airside to get some practice without adding to traffic in the airside zones.

  • Airbus’ ejectable black boxes: interview of Charles Champion

    Since 2011, Airbus has been working on ejectable floating black boxes; a system that will facilitate the rapid recovery of aircraft recorders following a crash, and which could be in service within the next five years. Listen to the interview with Charles Champion, head of Airbus Engineering.

  • Pegase: world’s first flying buggy

    This is a unique off-road flying buggy that was marketed at the Eurosatory defense and security show in the north of Paris. Developed by the French company Vaylon, Pegase is the world’s first off-road flying buggy.

  • Leo: Geneva airport’s little robot porter

    After RobbI, the humanoid guide in 2013, Geneva Airport has tested Leo, a new robot porter. With him, you can check-in your luggage, and then go directly to your boarding gate – all in record time.

  • Additive manufacturing: Liebherr-Aerospace makes a big impression

    Liebherr-Aerospace, the aerospace equipment manufacturer, began additive layer manufacturing six years ago. They presented the fruits of their labours at the recent ILA Berlin Air Show.

  • Clean Sky Academy to invent the future of aviation

    On the occasion of the ILA Berlin Air Show, the European research programme Clean Sky 2 presented its academy. An initiative to building stronger ties with young scientists and invent the future of aviation.

  • Peugeot Design Lab serves aviation

    Since 2012, Peugeot Design Lab’s automotive designers have been involved with several aviation projects, having designed an airplane seat and the exterior design of a new helicopter. Come and take a closer look.

  • Flyboard Air: the hoverboard you've been dreaming about

    A flying, or hover board, is the futuristic project that the former Jet Ski world champion, Franky Zapata, is working on. Dubbed the Flyboard Air, the machine is undergoing real flight-testing.

  • Tom Enders at the Perlan II stratospheric glider controls

    On 7th May at Minden-Tahoe Airport (USA), the head of Airbus Group conducted a test flight in the Perlan II high altitude glider, which this summer will attempt a flight to the stratosphere, at 17 miles (27 km) altitude.

  • Clean Sky Forum: research and innovation a top priority

    The annual conference of Clean Sky, the European research programme that aims to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft by 2020, was recently held in Brussels. The priority is synergy between industry and research.

  • Nothing bugs these NASA’s scientists

    The US space agency is developing a coating for better aircraft air penetration, with the aim of reducing airline fuel bills. The bug hunt is open.

  • Robotic landing gear equipped helicopter

    To take-off or land a helicopter today needs a flat, stable surface, but that may soon change. US studies are being undertaken with a view to develop a rotorcraft with articulated landing gear. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Boeing’s new futuristic non-microbial toilet

    High-tech toilets for sanitised aircraft, is what Boeing engineers have just developed. Inside, there are lots of touchless technologies and ultraviolet rays. And in only three seconds 99.99% of microbes are destroyed.

  • A solar drone for eight-hour assignments

    The start-up Sunbirds, has just developed a drone capable of long duration assignments with wing integrated solar cells; a solar drone designed with agriculture and monitoring of large infrastructural networks in mind.

  • ArcaBoard: a hovering skateboard

    Arca Space Corporation, headquartered in New Mexico (USA), is preparing to market the ArcaBoard, a hovering skateboard, which can be used to move around over land or water at a speed of up to 12 mph (20 km/h).


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