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  • H225 crash in Norway investigation: latest update

    Nearly a month after the Super Puma H225 crash in Norway, the investigation continues, and is now focused on technical factors of the helicopter, from design to production and maintenance.

  • The Super Puma family tree

    After the crash of a Super Puma H225 in Norway late April, we found it not easy to differentiate the various helicopters that make up the Airbus Helicopters' Super Puma family; Here’s the history.

  • Crash in Norway: Super Puma’s main rotor detached in flight

    The crash of an Airbus Helicopters’ H225 in Norway, has left 13 people dead. At present, it is unclear why the H225 Super Puma’s main rotor detached in flight. An investigation has been opened.

  • Civilian helicopters: heavy or light?

    There are nearly 80 different types of civil helicopters worldwide, but do you know which categories they belong to? In fact, everything depends on the maximum take-off weight. This is a short breakdown.

  • Volocopter VC200’s first manned flight

    On 30 March, the Volocopter VC200 executed its first manned flight. The test-pilot was able to verify the manoeuvrability of the electric multi-rotor in the air and test two important functions.

  • Robotic landing gear equipped helicopter

    To take-off or land a helicopter today needs a flat, stable surface, but that may soon change. US studies are being undertaken with a view to develop a rotorcraft with articulated landing gear. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Helicopter crash in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii

    On 18 February, a Bell 206 helicopter crashed into the water near Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii. Of the five occupants, one passenger died, and the pilot is in a serious condition. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • The largest helicopter formation flight

    This week we take you to Russia, where the record for the most helicopters flying in formation, 25 in total, was achieved last summer. A record that has just been beaten in Iraq. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • H160 helicopter flight test programme moves up a notch

    A little more than seven months after the first flight of the Airbus Helicopters H160, a second prototype has just taken to the air. The flight test campaign for this new helicopter is now on target for its 2018 deadline.

  • Airbus group and Uber test on-demand helicopter service

    From 21 to 24 January, Airbus group and Uber, the chauffeur-driven car reservation specialist company, tested an on-demand helicopter transportation service. Offered as part of the Sundance Film Festival in the US, this pilot project aims to democratise helicopter transport.

  • VC200: an electric helicopter piloted with a simple joystick

    By its 2017 marketing, the Volocopter VC200 will be a very easy to fly electric helicopter. The machine’s movement controls will be carried out using a simple joystick - currently under test.

  • Volta: the all electric helicopter’s first flight in view

    Volta, the first all electrically powered and manned conventional helicopter, should make its first test flight in less than a fortnight. In an ENAC (French National School of Civil Aviation) workshop we went to watch the final adjustments being carried out.

  • Cabri G2: the two-seater helicopter "made in France"

    Ever since it came onto the market, the Guimbal Cabri G2 (Hélicoptères Guimbal) has been truly successful. The light helicopter is today exported to Europe, the US, China and Brazil. A true French "success story".

  • "Spectre": a highflying James Bond

    The producers of the 24th Bond adventure, "Spectre", have not skimped on resources, particularly for its main action scenes in the air. Let’s check it out.

  • What is a fenestron on a helicopter?

    A fenestron is present at the tail end of some helicopters and specifically those of Airbus Helicopters But what is a fenestron on a helicopter? Find the answer at the end of the video.


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