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  • Lilium's vertical lift jet to join flying taxi ranks

    First electric, zero emission air taxis moved a step closer as Lilium Aviation revealed it has successfully carried out flight tests on a new VTOL aircraft prototype over the skies of Germany. Watch the video.

  • Airbus unveils Pop.Up flying car

    Airbus unveiled its modular ground and air concept car at the International Motor Show in Geneva. The revolutionary Pop.Up vehicle is designed to reduce emissions and beat congestion by taking to the city skies. Watch the video without comment and read our article to find out more.

  • Scorpion 3: Hoversurf’s flying motorbike edges towards starting blocks

    Russian company Hoversurf has been riding ahead with plans for a flying motorbike since 2013. This hybrid machine capable of flying 30 feet (10 m) above the ground for half an hour is currently being tested in flight. So when will it be on the market? Later this year, if the manufacturer’s optimistic schedule is to be believed.

  • Flying taxis in Dubai next summer?

    The Chinese quadcopter EHang 184 might be ferrying its first passengers between skyscrapers as soon as July. This according to a recent announcement by Dubai's transport agency. Dream or reality? Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • Pegase: world’s first flying buggy

    This is a unique off-road flying buggy that was marketed at the Eurosatory defense and security show in the north of Paris. Developed by the French company Vaylon, Pegase is the world’s first off-road flying buggy.

  • Autonomous single-seater multi-rotor at Las Vegas CES

    The EHang 184 caused a sensation when introduced at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show recently. The Chinese multi-rotor is able to transport a passenger completely autonomously.

  • Flying car: Carplane has no intention of being overtaken

    In terms of flying cars the "Carplane" will soon be here. Made in Germany, this newcomer to the market intends to jump the queue ahead of the Aeromobil and Transition.

  • Aeromobil flying car’s forced parachute landing

    On 8 May, during a test flight in Slovakia, the Aeromobil 3.0 flying car became uncontrollable and the reserve parachute had to be deployed. The pilot escaped unhurt.

  • AeroMobil 3.0 : ongoing trials before marketing

    When we talked about it, more than a year ago, this flying car, the AeroMobil, manufactured in Slovakia, was in its third version. The fourth version, the AeroMobil 3.0, has just been unveiled. Its marketing is expected within the next two years.

  • Transition flying car now on sale

    When we first talked about it in 2012, it was still a prototype. Today, the Transition, is on the market. To acquire this flying car, developed by the American company Terrafugia, it will cost you $280,000, after paying a $10,000 refundable deposit, for the pleasure of adding your name to the waiting list. It was certified by the American Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in July 2012.

  • Xplorair, car of the future, to fly in 2017

    Since our last report in 2011, Michel Aguilar’s project, Xplorair, the flying car of the future, has moved up a gear. A French industrial consortium has been created, with four patents, and the concept of the thermoreactor jet engine validated by the engine manufacturer Turbomeca and the Institute of Pprime research, having been established. Advances that allow the designer the possibility of foreseeing the maiden flight of a fullsize demonstrator in less than three years’ time.

  • An uplifting transition...

    An uplifting transition...


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