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  • The Meeting of Giants: Air Tattoo in pictures

    The world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo, brought together some of the most astounding aircraft displays. Altogether, 230 aircraft were presented, of which the F-35, the F-22, the Rafale and the CV-22 Osprey. Watch this demonstration flight medley. Read the article.

  • What is the weight of a fighter jet ejection seat?

    Fighter aircraft ejection seats first appeared in the 40’s, and since then have saved many lives. Their weight is an important factor, both during the ejection, and for the airplane’s performance.

  • The crash in Spain: F-16 Lockheed Martin in the spot light

    After the 26th January crash of the Greek F-16 at the Albacete military base in Spain, the provisional toll is heavy, with eleven dead and twenty wounded. An accident of which the causes are not yet known, but which puts this American fighter, developed by Lockheed Martin, in the 70’s directly in the spot light.


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