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  • Progress report on the Clean Sky program

    At the Greener Aviation conference held this week in Brussels, Clean Sky has done a progress report on the two phases of its European research program, at a crucial moment.

  • Unorthodox dismantling of an airplane

    A UTair airline Yak-40 domestic aircraft chewed up by an excavator is the unorthodox way chosen to dismantle an end-of-life aircraft in Russia. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • A website for used aircraft parts

    The French startup Aerobay will launch on 20 December a website dedicated to the sale and purchase of used aircraft parts. As the founders explained, it is a sort of aeronautical Ebay.

  • Tarmac Aerosave or dismantling end-of-life aircraft

    When the time has come to retire after twenty years spent in the air, airliners must be dismantled, like those here at the side of Tarbes airport, in south-western France. Since 2009, Tarmac Aerosave has specialized in the dismantling of aircraft, and in so doing, has recycled fifty aircraft of all types from a variety of backgrounds.


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