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  • Latecoere unveils new generation aircraft door

    Latecoere explains its new electric aircraft doors, designed to improve safety and technical problems associated with operating current mechanical doors.

  • Silence Twister: the first Swiss electric aerobatic aircraft

    The very first electric aerobatic aircraft carried out its first flight on the 21st September in Switzerland. It can carry out aerobatic manœuvres and reach over 180 mph. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • ONERA: futuristic projects in sight

    This year, ONERA is celebrating its 70th birthday but far from slipping into retirement, this scientific research centre is buzzing with projects, some of which are aeronautical, like NOVA and AMPERE that we present here. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Volocopter VC200’s first manned flight

    On 30 March, the Volocopter VC200 executed its first manned flight. The test-pilot was able to verify the manoeuvrability of the electric multi-rotor in the air and test two important functions.

  • Autonomous single-seater multi-rotor at Las Vegas CES

    The EHang 184 caused a sensation when introduced at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show recently. The Chinese multi-rotor is able to transport a passenger completely autonomously.

  • Electrical air-conditioning pack on trial

    After six years of development, Liebherr-Aerospace is preparing to flight test an electrical air-conditioning pack within the framework of the JTI-Clean-Sky European research project.

  • VC200: an electric helicopter piloted with a simple joystick

    By its 2017 marketing, the Volocopter VC200 will be a very easy to fly electric helicopter. The machine’s movement controls will be carried out using a simple joystick - currently under test.

  • COP21’s air transport industry challenges

    On the occasion of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), which has just opened in Paris, we highlight some of the major challenges, which the aviation industry will have to resolve in order to keep to its commitments. By 2050, it foresees having to halve its CO2 emissions.

  • Volta: the all electric helicopter’s first flight in view

    Volta, the first all electrically powered and manned conventional helicopter, should make its first test flight in less than a fortnight. In an ENAC (French National School of Civil Aviation) workshop we went to watch the final adjustments being carried out.

  • Aircraft cockpit development using a "disposable" concept

    On 18 November, the French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) hosted the Aeronautics and sustainable development forum. On this occasion, the highlight was an interactive model designed to accelerate the design of new aircraft instruments.

  • Reconciling air transport with sustainable development

    Just before the COP 21/CMP 11 (2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Paris, the French National Civil Aviation School (ENAC) will be organizing the first Aeronautics and Sustainable Development conference.

  • Ongoing trials for tomorrow’s more electric aircraft

    With their test platform, Labinal Power Systems’ "Copper Bird", enables aircraft and helicopter manufacturers to test new electrical systems. These concepts will perhaps one day be installed on their future aircraft.

  • E-Fan electric aircraft crosses the Channel

    For the very first time, the E-Fan electric aircraft crossed the English Channel on 10 July in 36 minutes. The day before, another very small aircraft crossed the English Channel. It was an electric Cricri.

  • Towards more electric aircraft

    On the occasion of the 3rd European Conference on More Electric Aircraft being held in Toulouse (south west France), representatives of the sector presented their latest advances and challenges in the field.

  • Volocopter VC200: the two-seater electric helicopter

    You may well remember, two years ago we presented an electric multi-copter developed by the German company "e-volo". Well here is their second and latest version, looking not much like the original design, thanks to its 18 rotors powered by six batteries… WATCH THE VIDEO


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