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  • The most watched 2015 video reports in the lifestyle category

    aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, five of the most watched 2015 aviation video reports in the following categories: Industry, Lifestyle, Transport, Events and Employment. Today, the Lifestyle category.

  • E-Fan electric aircraft crosses the Channel

    For the very first time, the E-Fan electric aircraft crossed the English Channel on 10 July in 36 minutes. The day before, another very small aircraft crossed the English Channel. It was an electric Cricri.

  • A Cricri is taking off from the roof of a car

    Lionel Adroit, pilot of the Cricri, the smallest twin-engined plane in the world, recently succeeded in taking off from the roof of a car. A delicate but impressive manoeuvre. Watch our video news report.

  • The smallest twin-engined in the world

    It is called Cricket, it has a 16 ft. wingspan and a length of 13 ft. It is in fact the smallest twin-engined in the world. A plane that you cannot find in kit form. Lionel for example took 2,000 hours in building it and is now the happiest of men.


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