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  • BA's last ever Concorde to fly joins Aerospace Bristol museum

    The last Concorde ever to fly has joined Bristol’s future aerospace museum at Filton, in the west of England. It’s a location full of historical significance - the ten British models of the supersonic were assembled here. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • Supersonic jet race continues

    NASA has just awarded twenty million dollars to Lockheed Martin for the development of a greener, and quieter, supersonic airliner than Concorde, to be added to the many other projects already underway.

  • Concorde: 40 years since first commercial flights

    40 years ago to the day, on 21 January 1976, Concorde took its first passengers, to Rio de Janeiro and Bahrain. It was the beginning of a supersonic story that would last 27 years. A chapter in commercial aviation, which we decided to review in images without commentary. Read the article. Watch the video.

  • Concorde’s first pilot, Frenchman André Turcat, dies at 94

    The man who took Concorde off for the first time in 1969 has died at the age of 94. A polytechnic engineer by training, André Turcat’s name will go down in aviation history.

  • Aeroscopia Museum opens to the public on 14th January

    On 14th January, the Aeroscopia museum located near Toulouse (south-west France) will open to the public. A total of 25 aircraft such as Concorde, the Caravelle, the A300B, the Super Guppy and the A400M will be on display. There are commercial, military and leisure aircraft in the collection, which the projected 120,000 visitors annually will be able to see and visit. Come with us on this brief tour...


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