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  • Comac C919 edges toward first test flight

    The countdown for COMAC C919’s maiden test flight is getting closer by the day, after the Chinese medium-haul jet completed its first taxi tests at Shanghai International Airport. Watch the video without comment. Read the article to find out more.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace doubles size of Shanghai maintenance centre

    Liebherr-Aerospace has doubled the size of its Shanghai-based maintenance centre to 40,000 sq ft (3,700m2), in an effort to respond to the growing needs of its clients in China.

  • Public debut for Chinese J-20 stealth jet

    The new J-20 fighter aircraft has made a public debut in Zhuhai at Airshow China. Footage from the Chinese CCTV news agency filmed on 1st November showcases two J-20s demonstrating their manoeuvrability in the air. See the video without commentary. Read the article.

  • China kickstarts the Antonov An-225 production

    The Antonov An-225, the biggest aircraft currently in service worldwide, was launched in the 80s. Only one aircraft was built at the time but now, production is to be re-launched thanks to the Chinese aircraft manufacturer AICC.

  • The biggest seaplane in the world unveiled in China

    The Chinese OEM AVIC has just unveiled the AG600, the biggest seaplane in the world. The amphibian aircraft is intended to fight forest fires and carry out rescues at sea.

  • Comac ARJ21’s first delivery

    The Chinese aircraft manufacturers, COMAC, delivered their first ARJ21 regional jet on 29 November. Seven years after its maiden flight, Chengdu Airlines, the launch company, intends to put their new acquisition into service in early 2016.

  • COMAC’s C919 presented in Shanghai for the first time

    The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC, officially presented their C919 yesterday, on 2nd November. The event took place in Shanghai, where the final assembly line of the single-aisle is located. Its maiden flight is expected in 2016.

  • Boeing changes over to Chinese local time

    On the occasion of the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States, Boeing received a huge order for 300 aircraft. After the exchange of formalities, the aircraft manufacturer has also decided upon a change of strategy and will construct a factory in China.

  • Comac C919 rollout scheduled for October

    According to our information the Chinese aircraft manufacturer, Comac, should officially present their first test C919 in October. Its first flight could take place in spring 2016.

  • Airbus part of China’s business trip to France

    During his official visit to France, the Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang visited Airbus. On the programme were an order and a General Terms Agreement (GTA).

  • Airbus Helicopters ensures its future in China

    On the occasion of the state visit to France of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Airbus Helicopters has signed an agreement with Avicopter, the helicopter division of the Chinese Avic Group. The result is a joint industrial co-operation for the production of 1,000 EC-175's.

  • Comac C919, star of the Beijing show

    On the occasion of the Beijing air show, all eyes were riveted on the Chinese manufacturer Comac. Its 190-seater C-919 should reach the market in 2015, something for the whole country and the many industrial partners in the project to be proud of.

  • Asia's great leap forward

    With 88 million passengers in 2012, Atlanta airport in the United States is still the busiest in the world. But for how long? Beijing’s airport may well change things.


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