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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « CS100 »

  • Aboard Swiss’ First CS100 Commercial Flight

    Swiss International Air Lines has just launched the first ever Bombardier CS100 commercial flight. aeronewstv was on board the Zurich – Paris flight to present the aircraft to you.

  • Farnborough: Airbus slashes A380 production

    For the last professional day of the Farnborough Airshow, we’re going to highlight the A380 production slow-down, the Boeing centenary and some aircraft on site.

  • The Bombardier CS100 up against its competitors

    After delivery to the airline Swiss, the Bombardier CS100 will soon enter into service. The perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its direct competitors on the market today: the Airbus A319 and the Boeing B737-700. Here’s a short review.

  • Bombardier CEO: "Our competitors are so scared" of the CS100

    Bombardier delivered their first CS100 on 29 June, to Swiss International Air Lines, at a ceremony, which took place near Montreal, Canada, in the presence of hundreds of guests. In his speech, Bombadier CEO expressed his full determination.

  • First Bombardier CS100: imminent delivery to Swiss

    The Bombardier CS100 will soon enter service. With its civil certification received on 15 June, the Canadian single-aisle will be delivered in a few days to Swiss. Its entry into service is scheduled on July 15 between Zurich and Paris.

  • Bombardier CS300 goes for a dip

    Bombardier CS300 just passed successfully the runway water ingestion test. A mandatory test to obtain certification, which the CS100 will also soon undergo.

  • Paris Air Show 2015 partial programme

    Three weeks before the opening of the 51th Paris Air Show,many aircraft are awaited on display : A350, A400M, Pakistani fighter JF17, Bombardier CS100 and CS300 among others.

  • Bombardier CS300’s successful maiden flight

    On 27th February, the Bombardier CS300 prototype made its first flight, which lasted almost five hours over Montreal in Canada. The largest aircraft ever built by Bombardier reached an altitude of 12,500 metres (41,000 feet) and a speed of 470 km/h (292 mph).

  • Bombardier: end of the Black Period ?

    Less than a year after the inaugural flight of its CS100, Bombardier is no longer in a euphoric state, since then, the Canadian manufacturer has undergone a string of setbacks. The following is a reminder of the recent months’ key events.

  • Swiss eagerly await their first CS100...

    With the first successful flight of the CS100, on September 16 at Mirabel in Canada, the future Swiss acquisition is now at hand. The Swiss company has ordered a total of 30 CS-100’s.

  • Successful take-off for the CS100 !

    The first flight of the Bombardier CS100, the largest aircraft designed and built in Canada, was successfully carried out on September 16. During the two and a half hours in the air, the aircraft reached an altitude of 12,500 feet and an air speed of 230 knots. Images without comment.


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