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  • CFM International launches transition process from CFM56 to LEAP

    The world’s best-selling aircraft engine, the CFM56, is to be slowly phased out by the new LEAP engine. In order to ensure a smooth transition, CFM International is adapting its production - a process the Franco-American engine manufacturer has just started.

  • CFM56: The Best-Selling Aircraft Engine in the World

    CFM International’s CFM56 is the best-selling aircraft engine in the world. A few days ago, the 30 000th one rolled off the assembly line. Let’s take a closer look at this Franco-American success story between Safran Aircraft Engines and General Electric.

  • Jet engines: why evermore larger fans?

    On commercial aircraft in the last decade, the trend has been toward wider jet engines with diameters increased by 6 to 20 inches (15 to 50 cm). Why? To consume and pollute less.

  • First series-production LEAP engines delivered to Airbus

    The first two LEAP production engines for the A320neo were delivered on 15 April to Airbus. The first plane equipped with this engine should enter service sometime in June.

  • LEAP engine to enter service in June 2016

    The LEAP-1A, high-bypass turbofan engine, has just obtained dual certification from both the US and European civil aviation authorities. In June, the CFM engine designed to equip the A320neo will be able to enter service.

  • The LEAP will pulsate at Snecma

    By 2020, Snecma will be producing 1,500 units of their new LEAP engine per year. To do this, the engine ma nufacturer will integrate high-tech assembly lines at their Villaroche (near Paris) premises.

  • On take-off, at what speed does an aircraft engine fan turn?

    An aircraft engine fan rotates at such a speed that it can suck in anything that approaches it. To find out how fast a fan turns on take-off, we asked the engine manufacturer Snecma (Safran Group).

  • What is the temperature of a civil aircraft engine at take-off?

    We spoke to Safran Aircraft Engines, the aircraft engine manufacturer, who kindly gave us information for the CFM56 engine, the world's best-seller which notably equips the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families.

  • The Paris Air Show now opens to the public

    After the four trade days, it’s time to take stock and review the high-tech and an ever greener, more environmentally conscious aviation industry.

  • Boeing’s 737 MAX enters production phase

    As programmed, the assembly of the first test Boeing 737 MAX wing has just begun in the US. The integration with the fuselage is planned in a few months, with the first flight expected in early 2016.

  • LEAP makes first flight on the A320neo

    On 19 May, Airbus conducted the first flight of an A320neo equipped with LEAP turbofan engines. Developed by CFM International, this engine marks a technological breakaway from the CFM56.

  • Safran receives an order for $ 2 billion

    Everything is going well for Safran. CFM International, their joint venture company with General Electric has just taken an order for 160 engines. Total amount of the transaction: two billion dollars.

  • Just how does a jet engine work ?

    The essential element of any vehicle lies in its capacity to create energy for it to move. The following is an overview of the function of a new high-bypass turbofan engine called the LEAP, developed by CFM International.


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