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  • World’s biggest plane, Stratolaunch, may fly this year

    The world’s biggest plane, the Stratolaunch, may be flying by the end of the year. The giant twin-fuselage aircraft will act as a low cost air launch platform, but can also carry cargo with a range of 1,300 miles

  • Revolutionary Endless Runway turns heads at airports

    Scientists have come up with a solution to the growing need to expand airport capacity while reducing the impact on the environment – a circular, never-ending runway.

  • Best of 2016: Top 5 aviation Lifestyle videos

    For the Christmas holidays, aeronewstv offers you the best of 2016’s aviation videos. Today, we invite you to watch the TOP 5 reports viewed this year in the Lifestyle category.

  • Trump tweets plan to cancel Air Force One

    US President elect Donald Trump has tweeted that the Air Force One ordered with Boeing in January should be cancelled, citing the excessive cost of the programme – at four billion dollars.

  • Why is Boeing considering stopping production of the 747?

    In a note addressed to SEC, the American stockmarket’s supervising body, Boeing has declared that it is facing a critical situation with regard to its 747. If new orders don’t start coming in, the OEM doesn’t rule out stopping production of its four-engine aircraft.

  • Boeing 747 overtakes a Boeing 737

    At more than 33,000 feet (10,000 metres) a Boeing 747 overtook a Boeing 737. These rare and unusual images were recorded by a Boeing 777 pilot from his cockpit over Iraq.

  • Air France’s last Boeing 747 and Alphajets midair encounter

    The meeting between eleven Alphajets of the Patrouille de France and Air France’s last Boeing 747 in formation over France took place on 27 January and immortalized by film director Eric Magnan. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • A Boeing 747-8 has how many rivets?

    The rivets are used on an aircraft to hold the various elements together. But how many are there on a Boeing 747-8 ? The answer is at the end of the video.

  • Boeing 747 Freighter crash in Afghanistan: loading involved

    Two years ago, a Boeing 747 freighter crashed just after taking-off from Bagram in Afghanistan. The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), has just issued its preliminary report. Watch the video and read the article.

  • The future "Air Force One" will be a Boeing 747-8

    The Pentagon has made its choice, the future American presidential "Air Force One" will be a Boeing 747-8. The Airbus A380 was rejected without too much surprise. The following is a short history of the ‘plane, or rather ‘planes, like no other, which since 1953, have carried the presidents of the United States.

  • ANA puts Boeing 747 seats on sale

    Since 28th December ANA (All Nippon Airways) has put a symbol of mass tourism up for sale: a limited number of their former Boeing 747 seats. The company has of course been careful to remove the wiring and adapt the feet so that they can be placed on a normal floor without damaging it. Asking Price: between € 4,400 and € 5,100 ($5,200 - $6,000).

  • What future for the Super Jumbos ?

    While Boeing intends to reduce the production rate of its 747-8 and Airbus is equally studying this possibility for their A380, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask whether the future of very large aircraft is guaranteed.

  • NASA’s flying telescope

    Since 2010, a telescope has been observing the atmosphere of planets and the formation of stars from 13,000 metres altitude. Thanks to SOFIA, a modified Boeing 747, scientists hope one day to be able to pierce the greater mysteries of the universe…


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