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  • China eyes global market after Comac C919 maiden flight

    China’s homegrown Comac C919 passenger jet successfully completed its first test flight on 5th May in Shanghai, paving the way to compete in the global aviation market with aircraft manufacturing giants, Boeing and Airbus. Watch the first images.

  • Boeing 737 bursts into flames after crash-landing in Peru

    A Boeing 737 caught fire when it violently veered off the runway just after landing on 28th March at Jauja airport in Peru. Over 140 passengers and crew were evacuated safely.

  • Best of 2016: Top 5 aviation Lifestyle videos

    For the Christmas holidays, aeronewstv offers you the best of 2016’s aviation videos. Today, we invite you to watch the TOP 5 reports viewed this year in the Lifestyle category.

  • A Spectacular Belly Landing for this Boeing 737

    One of Trigana Air Service’s Boeing 737 touched down on the 13th September on its belly without the landing gear, which got ripped off on impact with the runway. No one was hurt but the video is spectacular. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • The Bombardier CS100 up against its competitors

    After delivery to the airline Swiss, the Bombardier CS100 will soon enter into service. The perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its direct competitors on the market today: the Airbus A319 and the Boeing B737-700. Here’s a short review.

  • flyDubai crash: a fatal nosedive manœuvre

    Three weeks after the crash of the flyDubai Boeing 737 in Russia which left 62 dead, the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has just released a preliminary report, from which we learn that the pilots pushed the plane into a nose-dive at 2,950 feet (900m) altitude.

  • Boeing 747 overtakes a Boeing 737

    At more than 33,000 feet (10,000 metres) a Boeing 747 overtook a Boeing 737. These rare and unusual images were recorded by a Boeing 777 pilot from his cockpit over Iraq.

  • Boeing changes over to Chinese local time

    On the occasion of the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States, Boeing received a huge order for 300 aircraft. After the exchange of formalities, the aircraft manufacturer has also decided upon a change of strategy and will construct a factory in China.


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