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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Boeing 737 MAX »

  • Drone films Boeing 737 MAX taking a dip

    Boeing's 737 MAX has passed water spray tests at a small airport in Montana, northern USA. For the first time, Boeing engineers used a drone to film the test, an essential part of the aircraft certification process. Watch the video without comment. Read the article to find out more.

  • Farnborough: Airbus slashes A380 production

    For the last professional day of the Farnborough Airshow, we’re going to highlight the A380 production slow-down, the Boeing centenary and some aircraft on site.

  • Boeing 737 MAX: its differences with the current version

    What are the main differences between the current Boeing 737 and the Boeing 737 MAX, its remotorised version that will enter service in 2017? aeronewstv presents a small comparison.

  • Boeing 737 MAX first flight in video

    Boeing's 737 MAX has just completed its first flight from Renton in the United States. An event that marks the start of the flight test programme for this remotorised version of the Boeing 737, the first of which should be delivered in the summer of 2017. Watch the video. More details follow in the article.

  • Rollout for the first Boeing 737 MAX

    On 8 December at Renton, in America’s northwest, the first 737 MAX was unveiled to thousands of Boeing employees. Its first test flight is expected in early 2016.

  • Comac C919, Boeing 737, Airbus A320: how do they differ?

    The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC’s C919 entry into service is planned for 2018. From then on, it will be facing up to its two major competitors, the A320 (neo) and the Boeing 737 (MAX-8) ; but in what respects do they differ? Read the article.

  • Boeing’s 737 MAX enters production phase

    As programmed, the assembly of the first test Boeing 737 MAX wing has just begun in the US. The integration with the fuselage is planned in a few months, with the first flight expected in early 2016.

  • Boeing 737 MAX in production

    At Auburn in Washington state, Boeing has just started production of the first structural parts of their future 737 MAX. These longerons act like metallic beams that run the entire length of the fuselage to provide rigidity and strength to the airframe of an aircraft.


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