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  • EgyptAir Crash: Victims' remains to be released

    Egypt's state prosecutor has announced that remains of the victims from last May's EgyptAir A320 crash should be handed over to their families. Read the article.

  • Airbus’ ejectable black boxes: interview of Charles Champion

    Since 2011, Airbus has been working on ejectable floating black boxes; a system that will facilitate the rapid recovery of aircraft recorders following a crash, and which could be in service within the next five years. Listen to the interview with Charles Champion, head of Airbus Engineering.

  • How the French Navy detected Egyptair’s black box

    The signal from one of the Egyptair A320 black boxes has been detected by the French Navy using an acoustic detection system called Detector. This is an explanation of how this system that detects underwater locator beacons on the seabed works.

  • A400M crash : engine problems confirmed

    Preliminary analyses of the A400M military transport aircraft’s black boxes indicate that the aircraft experienced a power problem on three of its engines just after takeoff.

  • The second Germanwings black box found opens up

    Ten days after the crash of the A320 Germanwings in the French Alps, the aircrat’s second black box of the has been found. This is the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) that records all flight data. A recorder that has started to talk.

  • Germanwings A320 second black box found

    Ten days after the crash of the Germanwings A320 in the French Alps, the aircraft’s second black box, the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) has been recovered.

  • An additional beacon on black boxes ?

    More than a week after the Germanwings A320 crash the second black box has still not been recovered, how come ?

  • Which means to locate missing aircraft ?

    On 7th October, one month after the meeting of experts held at the French national centre for space Studies (CNES), it was the turn of the American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to organize a forum in Washington to improve the location of missing ‘planes. And not all the players in the sector are in unison on the issue.

  • MH370 : Probe brought in to locate its black boxes

    When the search area to find the wreck of the Malaysia Airlines 777 in the Indian Ocean has finally been precisely defined, the US Navy will put its TPL-25 into action. This triangular probe will listen to the sea's sound environment at great depths.


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