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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Bird strike »

  • Bird smashes windscreen, ICAO raises awareness of wildlife hazard

    A bird violently smashes into a light aircraft’s windscreen, causing it to shatter. Watch this rare footage shot by a camera from the cockpit of a private US plane. Thousands of incidents like this occur every year. In an attempt to raise awareness of the risk to aircraft, the ICAO is holding an international symposium in Canada this month.

  • What is the thickness of a commercial aircraft windshield?

    Cockpit windows have to be able to resist cabin pressure and bird strikes. So how thick to they have to be? We interviewed passersby in the streets of Paris. (See the video). The answer is in the article.

  • Southampton Airport's laser scarecrow

    At around 60 miles south of London, Southampton Airport is a pioneer of wildlife hazard prevention in Britain. Exit the electro-acoustic devices, long-range rockets or even pellet guns to fight against bird problems at the airport.


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