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  • SpaceX: successful launch first step towards real-time aircraft tracking

    SpaceX launched ten satellites into low orbit on 14th January in the first phase of a constellation network of 81 satellites. By early 2018, these Iridium NEXT satellites could transform air traffic control, making it possible to know the exact flight position in real-time of all aircraft equipped with the GlobalBeacon system. Watch the launch video without comment. Read the article.

  • How the French Navy detected Egyptair’s black box

    The signal from one of the Egyptair A320 black boxes has been detected by the French Navy using an acoustic detection system called Detector. This is an explanation of how this system that detects underwater locator beacons on the seabed works.

  • An additional beacon on black boxes ?

    More than a week after the Germanwings A320 crash the second black box has still not been recovered, how come ?

  • Flight MH370 : one year on, the Director of the French BEA explains

    On March 8th 2014, flight MH370 disappeared from the radar screens. A year later, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 has not been found. There are still many unanswered questions as to why the ‘plane disappeared without trace. We interviewed the director of the French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis to find out where the investigation into mysterious flight MH370 stands today.

  • Distress beacons under review

    If flight MH-370 Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777’s beacon had been activated, it would have only taken about half hour to precisely locate the aircraft. At the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), around fifty of the sector’s world experts recently met to study various improvements to the activation of these beacons.

  • MH370 : Probe brought in to locate its black boxes

    When the search area to find the wreck of the Malaysia Airlines 777 in the Indian Ocean has finally been precisely defined, the US Navy will put its TPL-25 into action. This triangular probe will listen to the sea's sound environment at great depths.

  • Distress beacons under investigation

    A week after a fire broke out on an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 at Heathrow airport, the investigators are interested in the onboard distress beacon ... But what do they look like and what are exactly are they used for ? Some of the answers follow...


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