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  • Fire in Boeing 767 due to uncontained engine failure

    The right engine of an American Airlines Boeing 767 caught fire just before taking off from Chicago airport on 28th October. According to first reports from the NTSB, the aircraft suffered an uncontained engine failure. See the video without commentary. Read the article.

  • American Airlines, behemoth of the heavens

    As a result of their merger with US Airways 18 months ago, the new American Airlines is now undoubtedly the largest airline in the world and intends to remain so.

  • The new American Airlines has arrived !

    As from today, 9th., December, American Airlines and U.S. Airways are now a single entity. An amicable settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice having been found, the new American Airlines thus becomes the world's No. 1 in the industry... 


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