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  • Drone delivery takes off

    Express delivery of small packages by drone is now a reality. GeoPost has launched the first regular commercial line and Amazon has just delivered to its first customer. Forget Father Christmas, the drone postmen are beginning their rounds.

  • Take a look at the Boeing 767 flying Amazon colours

    Amazon has decided to acquire its own cargo planes to ship orders to customers. The online sales giant will be flying its own colours with a fleet of forty Boeing 767s, between now and 2018. The first aircraft was presented early August. Watch the video (no commentary). Read the article.

  • Amazon’s delivery drone tests have the green light

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has just awarded Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate for the drone they have developed. Parcel deliveries by drone tests will soon begin.

  • US pro-drones lobby takes action

    In the United States, a group of lobbyists who advocate for the development and advancement of the regulatory process of commercial small drones has been established. Some of the more well known members include Amazon, Google and Parrot, but all hope that the lobbyists will be able to convince the US administration to authorise the commercial use of drones quickly.


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