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  • A400M performs first air-to-air refuelling with second A400M

    An A400M has successfully completed the first air-to-air refuelling of another A400M. The trailblazing manoeuvre has just taken place above Seville, in southern Spain. Over fifty contacts were carried out during two test flights using the centreline hose. Watch the video with no comment. Read the article.

  • Airbus A380 attains break-even point

    Airbus Group announced at their annual conference, on 24 February, that fifteen years after its launch, the A380 programme break-even point had been attained in 2015.

  • Mission Impossible 5: behind the A400M stunt scenes

    Tom Cruise clinging to the door of an A400M taking off - this stunt will be a mindblower in cinema. A few days before its release for distribution, come and see behind the cameras of this spectacular scene. Read the article. Watch the video.

  • After the crash, A400M flight tests resume

    Three days after the crash of the A400M, one of three test aircraft took off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport on 12 May at 2:45 pm, for a two-hour flight. Read the article. See the video of the takeoff.

  • Tom Cruise on an A400M: Mission Impossible?

    In the trailer for the 5th Mission Impossible film, entitled "Rogue Nation’’, Tom Cruise, is found clinging to the outer door of a A400M taking off, and then, very quickly, at 1,500 m. (5,000 feet) altitude – for real.

  • Record year for Airbus Group despite A400M difficulties

    At the annual conference of the results of the Airbus group on February 26th in Munich, everyone was waiting for the latest A400M news. Although the new delivery schedule is still under discussion with the manufacturer’s customers, the group nonetheless announced a doubling of production in 2015.

  • A400M programme in the mire

    Due to the recent difficulties faced by the Airbus group’s A400M military transport aircraft, Domingo Urena-Raso, the head of military aircraft, Airbus Group, has resigned. Fernando Alonso, his replacement, will now be in charge of the corrective measures.

  • A330 MRTT - KC46A : two multi-role tankers face to face

    Today, two latest generation multi-role tankers are engaged in a trade battle. The first is European, the Airbus Defence & Space, A330 MRTT. The second is American, the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus, at present under development ; but are these two aircraft so different from each other ? To answer the question briefly, a quick comparison of some simple numbers should suffice.

  • The Tanan drone puts down on the DCNS ship

    During the Euronaval show, DCNS, the naval defense specialist, and Airbus Defence & Space, have signed a cooperation agreement on the development of the TANAN drone helicopter. Destined for off the deck use, from ships on reconnaissance and protection missions, and carried onboard, this drone will be unique in many ways.


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