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  • Airbus Group cuts 1,164 jobs, 90% in France and Germany

    Airbus Group’s management announced 1,164 jobcuts at its European Central Works Council meeting on 29th November. More than 90% of these concern support and administrative functions in France and Germany.

  • Airbus group delays Perlan 2 glider stratospheric flight

    Airbus group has announced its decision to delay a stratospheric flight by its Perlan 2 glider in Argentina – aimed at gathering vital information on climate change and the state of the ozone layer.

  • EADS to Airbus

    It’s official. From 1st of January the Airbus group will simply be called Airbus, the name of its commercial aviation department. Since EADS’ creation it has taken 16 years to get there. Read the article.

  • The Airbus Group launches its Leadership University

    The Airbus group has just launched its Leadership University in Blagnac, near Toulouse (south-western France). The site is open to all employees and aims to maximise their leadership skills.

  • Brexit: "to stay competitive is the key word" said Airbus Group CEO

    Following the British referendum, Airbus Group Chief Executive Tom Enders spoke on the consequences of Airbus Group's activities in the UK following the Brexit. The sites in the UK must "remain competitive." Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Airbus Group’s new headquarters inauguration: an extract

    Today, Airbus Group officially inaugurated their new headquarters in Toulouse. The following is an extract from Airbus Group’s CEO’s speech at the ceremony. Tom Enders made reference to the importance of the headquarters’ location, just a stone’s throw from the Airbus assembly lines.

  • Airbus Group new headquarters

    After two and a half years’ work, Airbus group inaugurates today their new headquarters in Toulouse. A more than twelve-acre site close to the city’s airport runways and the Airbus assembly lines.

  • Tom Enders at the Perlan II stratospheric glider controls

    On 7th May at Minden-Tahoe Airport (USA), the head of Airbus Group conducted a test flight in the Perlan II high altitude glider, which this summer will attempt a flight to the stratosphere, at 17 miles (27 km) altitude.

  • Airbus A380 attains break-even point

    Airbus Group announced at their annual conference, on 24 February, that fifteen years after its launch, the A380 programme break-even point had been attained in 2015.

  • Airbus group and Uber test on-demand helicopter service

    From 21 to 24 January, Airbus group and Uber, the chauffeur-driven car reservation specialist company, tested an on-demand helicopter transportation service. Offered as part of the Sundance Film Festival in the US, this pilot project aims to democratise helicopter transport.

  • AS2 supersonic business jet gains speed

    Since our last report, 18 months ago, the American company Aerion project has accelerated. Dubbed, the AS2, their future supersonic business jet is taking shape.

  • Perlan, Airbus Group space glider

    For scientific reasons, and in less than one year’s time, the Airbus group intends to carry out a stratospheric flight with a glider. Amongst other things, the data collected will be used to study climatic changes.

  • E-Fan to be produced at Pau

    The E-Fan electric aircraft will be produced at Pau (south western France). On 30 April, in Bordeaux, Airbus Group announced that the future plant will assemble the all-electric two-seater flight school designated aircraft.

  • Record year for Airbus Group despite A400M difficulties

    At the annual conference of the results of the Airbus group on February 26th in Munich, everyone was waiting for the latest A400M news. Although the new delivery schedule is still under discussion with the manufacturer’s customers, the group nonetheless announced a doubling of production in 2015.

  • Airbus unveils new Group...

    The construction of the future Airbus Group headquarters officially began in Toulouse with the laying of the foundation stone by the Head of the group in person on 14 January.


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