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  • XB-1 – supersonic Baby Boom

    A supersonic jet flying at over 2,300 km/h with 45 passengers aboard is the project of American startup Boom. The XB-1, as it’s been named, could begin flying in 2023. A reduced-size model, dubbed ‘Baby Boom’, should be ready for take off by late 2017.

  • AS2 supersonic business jet gains speed

    Since our last report, 18 months ago, the American company Aerion project has accelerated. Dubbed, the AS2, their future supersonic business jet is taking shape.

  • A supersonic business jet for 2021 ?

    On the occasion of the third and final day of the unavoidable business aviation show, EBACE, in Geneva, Switzerland, the spotlight is on a daring futuristic project from Aerion. This American company, specializing in aerospace engineering since 2002, has introduced a supersonic business jet.


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