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MC-21, or, the russian counter-attack

Published on 19/07/2012 10:00 - By

In 2017, the MC-21 will be a serious competitor to the A320 and Boeing 737. It is Russian-made. The assembly of Irkut Corporation's single-aisle will begin in 2013. Available in two versions, the MC 21-200 and MC 21-300, will accomodate between 165 and 210 passengers. 

Quieter, more fuel-efficent and more affordable, the MC-21 might cast at least a small shadow over Airbus and Boeing. No wonder if the program accounts for more than 270 orders. The aircraft has a number of advantages. Regarding CO2 emissions, the Russian manufacturer claims a 20% reduction. Its price should be 12 to 15% cheaper than its competitors.

On paper, the MC-21 is attractive but this remains to be confirmed. The first flight is expected in 2015. As for the first deliveries, they should not occur before 2017. 

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