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World Record: Fleet of 500 drones

Published on 11/12/2016 01:00 - By

A 500-strong fleet of drones flying in formation over a German football field recently set a new world record. The feat was accomplished by Intel in October. Last year,  the American company specialising in the manufacture of microprocessors, flew 100 drones controlled by four operators.

For more than a minute, the swarm of 500 flying machines buzzed in the sky, using their light-emitting diodes to draw figures like “500” or “Intel”. All the drones were operated by one pilot with a laptop. An algorithm was programmed to respect the minimum distance between each drone, set on this occasion at 1.5 m.

A spokesman for Intel said this represented a breakthrough in UAV software. But it was the "Shooting Star" drone, a machine developed by Intel and weighing only 280 grams, that literally stole the limelight.

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