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British Airways to scrap free meals on its economy flights

Published on 18/10/2016 01:00 - By

British Airways is to scrap free meals on short and medium-haul economy flights from January. Any resemblance to low-cost airline companies is purely coincidental.

The British airline claims this is aimed at offering a better choice of snacks. In the past its sandwiches have been free, but not always to the taste of its passengers, admits BA. In the future, customers can look forward to “a wider choice of premium products”. But they will have to get out their wallets.

BA has joined forces with fellow British company, Marks & Spencer, for this new offer and boasts that they will provide better value for money than low cost airlines. Two euros less for a cheese sandwich, compared to easyJet, one euro less for a packet of crisps, compared to Ryanair.

That’s where the comparison stops.  If this has whet your appetite for a new price war with low cost companies, don’t get your hopes up. British Airways has no intention of matching the lower prices advertised by its competitors.

The new charges for sandwiches will come into practice on 11th January on flights out of London’s two main airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, before being extended to other airports. Time will tell if the strategy pays.

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