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The largest helicopter formation flight

Published on 06/02/2016 01:00 - By

Just over a month ago, on 6 January, a new world record was established: that of the most helicopters flying in formation.  a total of 30 helicopters of all types (Gazelles, Mil Mi-17’s, Mil Mi-28’s, Mil Mi-35’s, Bell OH-58’s, Bell 407’s, Kaman SH-2’s and UH-2’s) flew over Baghdad (Iraq) for thirty minutes.

The operation was organized by Captain Fareed Lafta, nicknamed the "Iraqi Superman."  At 37, the man is in fact, at one and the same time, a fighter pilot, astronaut, extreme skydiver and seasoned parachutist.  The record has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records, but no video has yet come to light.

The previous record, filmed this time (see video), dates back to last summer. On 6 June, 2015 at Bunkovo heliport in Russia, 125 miles (200 kilometres) north of Moscow, where 25 Robinson helicopters took to the air. The two leaders, Evgeny and Alexander Kabanov, led the way to establish a stupendous formation flight, lasting several minutes, with the helicopters forming a diamond in the Russian sky.

To achieve this feat, it took the 25 private pilots more than a year’s training and preparation. But the result was well worth it.

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