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2016 aviation forecasts

Published on 05/01/2016 01:00 - By

At a time when the trend is toward global climatic warming, a short aviation weather forecast for 2016 is required.

On the front of new aircraft that will arrive on the market this year, there will be the Brazilian KC-390 military transport aircraft, the French Falcon 8X business jet, an American produced flying car, the Canadian CS100 single-aisle and also the US Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter.

Following that, if weather conditions remain clear across China, the aircraft manufacturer Comac will carry out the maiden flight of their C919; and if the weather remains fair over France, the Falcon 5X should do the same. The Airbus Helicopters’ H160, will make its maiden flight equipped with Turbomeca’s Arrano engines.

The A320neo is expected to be inundated with deliveries this year, as is CFM International’s LEAP engine, which will be powering both the Boeing 737 MAX and Comac C919 for the first time, and also enter service with the remotorised A320.

This year, new regulations governing the use of civilian drones will come into effect in Europe and the US; and after the building painted by drones, parcel deliveries and crane operations, we can’t wait to see what manufacturers have in store for us.

In 2016, to overcome any inflight turbulence, in the hope of avoiding any form of depression in the cockpit, pilot psychological monitoring could well be strengthened. On a lighter note, easyJet flight attendants, we already know, will be brightening our day with their new uniforms.

Because forecasts are known to have their limitations, it's a safe bet that in 2016, the aviation industry could still surprise us, as it did in 2015, with things like supersonic business jet projects, stratospheric glidersmotorbike-helicopters, or else windowless aircraft. Between the heavens and earth, aviation will certainly continue to make us dream this bright New Year and continue recruiting since the forecast indicates only fine weather ahead.

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