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Airbus’ latest innovations

Published on 09/10/2015 01:00 - By

To stay one step ahead of their competitors, aircraft manufacturers and airlines have to innovate, and Airbus is one of them. In Toulouse (south western France), the aircraft manufacturers have just introduced their latest products. Three caught our attention.

Aircraft galleys will soon be using this futuristic trash can to optimize space. Similar to that found in the lavatories, a suction system has been installed on this trolley (at 55 lbs or 25 kg, they weigh one quarter the weight of existing ones). The waste is then vacuum packed, reducing the volume by half.

There is also this electronic chip equipped label, functioning as a barcode. Stuck onto lifejackets, for example, it lets you know not only whether or not they are actually on board, but also their expiry date. Using a system of radio frequencies, pursers can carry out an inventory of the equipment, in seconds, via their touch pads.

Finally, take a look at these interactive connected glasses. Currently being tested on the A330 assembly line, they help operators to mark the positions where the seats and other furniture are to be fixed to the support tracks - with extreme precision.

Errors are out of the question, and the time spent on this operation has been reduced to one sixth that of the previous. All these innovations will be in use by 2017, at the latest.

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