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E-cigarettes banned from aircraft hold

Published on 25/08/2015 01:00 - By

Electronic cigarettes have been prohibited in aircraft holds by all airlines since 15 June, following a decision by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) due to overheating fire risks of the lithium-ion batteries. Transportation of electronic cigarettes is nevertheless permitted in the cabin. Thierry Pradet, Operations Manager - Europe Airpost: "Banning them from the hold allows us to monitor them in the cabin, with intervention possibilities if necessary".

To inform passengers, companies such as Europe Airpost have updated their website, and also passed the information on to tour operators and travel agents, together with a reminder at check-in counters. A new measure, not yet known to all users.

E-cigarette smoking is prohibited on board, and the recharging of electronic cigarette batteries, is strictly prohibited in the cabin.

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