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Aerobatic rolls as seen by the pilot

Published on 09/07/2015 01:00 - By

In six weeks’ time the world aerobatic championship will start in France (Châteauroux). With this in mind, during the month of July, aeronewstv will produce four videos on the main figures of the discipline, explained by an experienced pilot.

André-Marie Semet, Aerobatic pilot, on an Extra 200 in the video report: "Hi, I'm André-Marie, and an aerobatic pilot, I have 250 flight hours, and today we will look at the aileron roll.

For the roll, you need a reference point in front of the ‘plane. So I'll look for mine - anything, a field for example. When I have it in my sights, I use the ailerons. We try to stop the figure without hesitation. For a quick roll I use only the stick, which I move in the direction I want to turn to ; how much will determine the speed of the roll. So that was a quick one. I hardly moved my feet.

For a slower roll, by using my feet, I have to constantly change rudder and elevator control inputs throughout the roll, so as not not to descend, at the same time keeping the nose of the plane a little higher, continuing in a straight and horizontal line. Ideally the barrel starts at one point and ends on another, having made a small roll. "

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