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Safran inaugurates new research and technology centre

Published on 28/01/2015 20:00 - By

On January 27th Safran inaugurated its new research and technology centre, called Safran Tech, near Paris. On the occasion the centre hosted Geneviève Fioraso.

The French Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research welcomed the implementation of this newcomer to the Saclay campus, a research-intensive and interconnected business cluster, which is already home to researchers from many companies and universities that will create employment.

Complementarity is the key word at Safran Tech, 170 researchers from several of the group’s companies have already left their laboratories to come here, and bearing in mind that they have a heavy research programme, Safran say they want to recruit another 130 within the next two years.

Stéphane Cueille - Managing Director, Safran Tech Centre

"We will work in three research areas. An axis devoted to the so-called systems and technologies where we will increase our understanding of the energy of electrically powered aircraft. The second area is materials and components. We work on all materials needed for propulsion and increasing electrically powered aircraft systems. And finally, there are the digital technologies, modelling and simulation, where we calculate and study digital aerodynamics, and produce thermal mechanical models for our products."

Sensor designers for nacelles and engines will work side by side within the 45,000 m2 (485,000 square feet) of Safran Tech’s offices. A unique place that promotes synergies, especially since it is open to the group’s partners.

The purchase and refurbishing of their premises have already cost Safran 60 million euros, but the group is serious about their needs for innovation. In 2013, more than a tenth of its turnover was invested in research.

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