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Qatar Airways' A380 First Class seat

Published on 07/10/2014 09:30 - By
Qatar Airways were well and truly present on 4th October, at Longchamp racecourse near Paris. On the occasion of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, one of the world's most prestigious horse races, sponsored by the Qatari (QREC ) equestrian club, the Doha company introduced its new "thoroughbred" A380 First Class seat. There are eight per ‘plane, all located at the front of the super-jumbo jet’s upper deck.
The main particularity, is that it is the most spacious in the industry. The seat made by B/E Aerospace converts into an over two metre (6 ½ ft.) long, 84 centimetres (33 in.) wide bed. Another feature: the central, and lateral, sliding partitions offering more privacy to the passenger. In their First Class, Qatar Airways also gives you the opportunity to dine tête-à-tête with the person accompanying you thanks to this extra large adjustable folding tray; but that's not all...  
Qatar Airways has also thought about your personal comfort with this small wardrobe, allowing you to suspend your personal attire, and you also have a pair of pyjamas, slippers and a toiletry bag designed by Giorgio Armani.
With remotely controlled adjustable lighting and selection of the in-flight entertainment programmes, a 66 cm. ( 26 in. ) screen and electrically operated window blinds, the Qatar A380 First Class has every intention of leaving its competitors well behind, particularly those in the Middle East.
To experience the luxury Qatari A380, at first you will need to travel between Doha and London, or Doha and Paris, the two routes that will soon serve the company with its super jumbo pending reception of the other nine aircraft ordered. Fare for the First Class roundtrip: 5,000 euros (6,300 dollars).

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