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Etihad Airways notches up yet another first

Published on 12/05/2014 08:30 - By

Nobody can deny it, airline companies in the Middle East have, over the years, become a benchmark of onboard luxury and refinement, and Etihad Airways intends soon to even out-class its competitors. The United Arab Emirates national carrier will soon be offering a unique Premier Class to their wealthier clients.

On their A-380's there will be nine apartments, containing a private space of around 4 sq.m. ( 43 sq.ft. ) with massage armchair, sofa-bed, minibar, dressing table and a 61 cm ( 24” ) TV screen; and if you still feel a little cramped in this latest super-jumbo layout, you could take advantage of the Etihad 'Residence' - a larger, triple the size, real suite with lounge containing a two-seater sofa, an 81cm ( 32“ ) TV, a double-bed bedroom, dressing room and shower.

At just $ 25,000 for a one-way ticket between Abu Dhabi and London, its two occupants will also benefit from a personal butler, a five-star meal and transfer on arrival by limousine.

Located on the upper deck, this Premier class will be separated from the Business class by a Lobby, where a bar and lounge will allow the six "guests" - that's how the company describes its higher than upmarket clientele ( Premium to use the vernaculer) - to relax a little.

Designed in utmost secrecy over a period of five years in a warehouse near Heathrow Airport, and already on order, from December, a total of more than 80 units of this new cabin layout, will equip the company's A-380's and B-787's. Etihad Airways does not hide the fact that they have every intention of becoming the best airline in the world. With such concepts as these, it could be sooner than later.

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