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Special Coverage for the Paris Airshow

Published on 18/06/2013 00:00

aeronewstv (www.aeronewstv.com), media partner of the Paris Airshow 50th edition, will set up a special coverage from 18 to 21 June 2013.

A journal covering the previous day's main events will be put online every day from 6.30 am.

Daily video of the flight demonstrations will also be put online at the same time.

Enjoy the show with aeronewstv!

About aeronewstv

Launched in June 2011 during Paris Air Show, aeronewstv is the first general-interest web-tv entirely devoted to aeronautics.

This free information portal, on film, is addressed to anyone and everyone interested in the sector. It is also a participative medium, allowing internauts to propose report subjects.

Each week-day, Monday to Friday, a report is put online by a team of journalists. The headquarters are in Paris with the editorial department in Toulouse and correspondents throughout France.


Press contact: + 33 5 61 49 47 25.

Tel: + 33 5 61 49 47 25

Mail : contact@flmedia.eu

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