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Video - The smallest twin-engined in the world

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Designed for the first time 30 years ago the Cricket impresses by its size. With a 15 ft. 9 in. wingspan, and a length of 13 ft. 4 in. This is a smallest twin-engined plane in the world. It weighs only 176 lbs., which means that the pilot is sometimes heavier than the aircraft. The wings can be mounted in minutes.

Unfortunately, the Cricket cannot be found in kit form. Either you have to find a second-hand one or make one yourself. Lionel took over six years to build his. And don’t be fooled by appearances. Because of its quite high stall speed, the Cricket is considered a complete plane and certified to do aerobatics.

Lionel doesn’t regret the 2,000 hours in building it. With a cruising speed of 170 km/h and an autonomy of two hours, he is now the happiest of men aboard his twin-engined Cricket.

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