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Video - First class freerunner jumps the queue

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Most of us know how to step up the pace to catch a plane. But Jason Paul must be the master. The German professional freerunner shows us how to breeze through a marathon of obstacles at Munich airport. His high-octane acrobatics were inspired by the famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan’s stunts. But will he or won’t he catch his flight to Ibiza?

The film-shoot lasted a grand total of 18 hours, as the crew worked around strict security rules in force at an international European airport. Yet the final results were worth the wait, from checking in his suitcase to the last scene – when he boards a Lufthansa Airlines’ Airbus A330. According to the freerunner, this last leap wasn’t the biggest challenge, but ‘leap running’ on the edge of the bus. We’ll let you be the judge.

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